Hispalco, expands product range


For the first time, Valencian company Hispalco will have its own stand at Fruit Attraction, where it will exhibit its high-end offer, with brands carefully designed to match the quality of the products. Around 80% of the firm’s offer is produced in Spain. In 2017, the company sold 13 million kilos of high-end premium product. Grapes, citrus fruit, stone fruit, melon, watermelon, berries and tropical, as well as the widest range of vegetables, are just some of the items the company offers. “We offer everything throughout the year,” said manager Ana Beltrán. This year, Hispalco has expanded its range with the addition of kiwi, which begins with harvests in Valencia and Portugal.

Hispalco is has earned an international reputation for offering good value, both in terms of the product and its packaging. Its conventional product lines include the Monna Lisa®, Lady Godiva®, Unicorn® and Hippie Chic® brands, and the firm invested in a Hispalco® Bio brand of organics five years ago. Recently, the company has created a new commercial department exclusively dedicated to organic products. “We have achieved a level of very good fruit selection offering better appearance than organics typically provide. We believe that we can truly make a difference in this sector with our brand Hispalco®Bio brand”, said Beltrán.

Hispalco works very closely with its producer suppliers, which also package the Hispalco branded products. All merchandise is supplied following checks at source by quality controllers in order to meet the strict parameters that guarantee each brand. Hispalco’s offer is very extensive. Each fruit and vegetable is sourced from different origins: Spain, Italy, Holland, France, Turkey and West Africa, with the aim of covering an annual calendar of products Structural changes are taking place within the company with the new generations assuming management positions, including the founder’s daughter, Ana Beltrán, his nephew Roberto C. Chulia, and his grandson Diego B. Beltrán.

New positions and departments have been opened to market large quantities of better products, both organic and conventional. A new sales line – Ecological Hispalco®Bio EVOO – has been created, as well as a department dedicated to creativity and innovation, named ‘Hispalco CREA’. “We are immersed in the construction of a long-term project, strengthening the company while keeping intact the foundational values of José Beltrán: premium quality, singularity, transparency, trust, organisation, administrative efficiency and long-term vision. To quote Goethe: The dogs bark, but the caravan passes on”, said Ana Beltrán.

Article and interview published in Eurofresh Distribution
n.º 157 SEPT/OCT 2018, pag. 46