Quality is in our DNA. The Hispalco brands are a result of a careful selection of products at origin and a professional and personalized management of our services until destination.
The products and our know-how are the best testimony of our commitment to quality.

Hispalco can provide the following certificates:

– ISO 9001:2015
– IFS Brokers
– Compliance Certificate of Ecological Agriculture
– International Bio Suisse Certificate.
– Demeter Certificate.

*Available for download here.

The word “quality” has been transformed into a slogan which decreases its value. It’s a quality that begins and ends with oneself. Difficult to manage when not owned.
Sales Manager Hispalco

Internal quality management

When a customer contacts Hispalco, its necessities become real options. As a leading company in its sector, compromises materialize in a day to day dealing with our suppliers and in the direct and familiar relation with our customers.

Our quality slogan, setting us apart since 1992, is sustained by the trust of our producers, those who have certificates such as GlobalGAP, IFS, BRC e ISO, among others.

Hispalco addresses quality based on 3 premises:

– An administrative organization that allows a control on all processes that involved in the shipment of goods . Each and one of our shipments has traceability from field to destination, securing an efficient control of incidences and providing quick resolutions.

– Control of the product at origin by external quality controllers. All products packaged in our brands are inspected by qualified technical personnel. Working closely with our suppliers, our quality technicians oversee the consignments arriving from the fields and control the packaging and product sets until loading.

– Partnership with logistic platforms for the delivery of goods. Hispalco works with more than a dozen logistic platforms permitting the selecting and repackaging of its products for each destination.

Quality policy.

Hispalco is a company specialized in the international trade of a great range of fresh fruit and vegetables. The quality, the food safety, the continuous improvement and the customer satisfaction are of utmost importance to our company. The maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System take first priority in the daily management of our services and our strategic direction. Such System is based on the QUALITY, SECURITY and LEGALITY of the product’s requirements, including both its specifications and its elaboration.

QUALITY and its improvement are RESPONSABILITY OF ALL members of the company, starting with Management.
QUALITY is the identity sign of Hispalco, in its pursuit to maintain its competitive position in the vegetable market.
The QUALITY of our products is obtained by inspecting each shipment, besides PLANNING, IMPLEMENTING and REVISING the Quality Management System of the company in order to prevent possible errors.

QUALITY means committing to development, support and review of the Management Systems for all organisation activities, focused on improving its efficiency and the SATISFACTION OF ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS. This implies a COMPROMISE of the organisation in meeting the demands, as well as the legal and regulatory requierements related to our services.
QUALITY is obtained providing the necessary TRAINING of the Hispalco team in order to carry out their assigned tasks efficiently.

The sustained QUALITY is based on the management of risks and an IMPROVEMENT PLAN, both in the provision of our services and the efficiency control of all of our products and packaging.
QUALITY is also based on a greater environment care, preventing and minimizing the polution and waste caused during the development of any activity.

QUALITY implies the participation and collaboration of ALL members of Hispalco, contributing to the development, maintenance and evaluation of the System by informing on time of any problems, suggesting improvements and cooperating with audits.
Each one of them has the right and duty of knows the Quality Policy of the Company and must eforceit starting from the MOTIVATION, TRAINING and COMMUNICATION with the Quality Managers and Direction.

The Direction of Hispalco, S.A. is committed to making the QUALITY POLICY and OBJECTIVES known and understood on all levels of the organization, ready to be transmitted correctly through the sale channels and made available to customers and suppliers.

José Beltrán, President
Ana B. Beltrán, Manager

Hispalco, S.A.