EVOO hispalco_bio: christmas’ essence of a gourmet “coca en llanda”


The “coca en llanda” is a sponge cake typically from Valencia, made of flour, sugar, extra virgin olive oil and milk, a remarkable dessert thanks to its flavour and easy recipe. It’s an excellent cake to have with your morning coffee or tea, or an afternoon snack. What’s interesting about this cake is its name and last name. “Coca” can be translated as a slow baked cake and “llanda” refers to the recipient in which is baked. “Llanda” is a rectangular shaped tin mould of approximately 20 cm wide, 30 cm long and about 5 cm high.

There aren’t many written documents which explain its origins, although our ancestors say that it appeared in times of food shortage. During Carlist Wars and Civil War, Valencian people had provisions of basic ingredients only, in order to survive: flour, sugar, milk, eggs and olive oil. Women had to come up with ideas so they could feed their families. With those ingredients, besides using them to cook meals like tortilla or bread, they invented a sweet that could be well preserved and cheer up people in those moments of sadness and rough war economy.

During Christmas celebrations, the “coca de llanda” can be a healthy alternative to “turron” (spanish nougat), free from preservatives and baked with natural ingredients. An excellent desert is also the traditional Spanish Three Wise Men cake; dunked in hot chocolate, it’s perfect for those who have a real sweet tooth. It’s a tradition to hide a bean inside (and the one who finds it pays the cake) or a little figure of Wise Men (the lucky one who finds it, is crowned king of the celebration).

At Hispalco we prepare the “coca en llanda” with gourmet oil: the ecological EVOO Hispalco_Bio, which has an exquisite texture and flavour. In many areas of our country, we add lemon zest, almond or even walnut or raisin. However, the recipe that we give you below beongs to the family tradition of our colleague Sandra Vidales, in charge of our Quality Department. She has baked it in our own kitchen for the enjoyment of all the Hispalco team.

     – 2 large eggs et room temperature
     – 250 g. sugar
     – 250 ml. Whole milk
     – 350 g. flour
     – The zest of one Monna Lisa’s orange®, without reaching the soft part of the fruit.
     – 125 ml. ecological olive oli Hispalco_Bio
     – 2 sachets of baking soda
     – Cinnamon or powdered sugar to sprinkle over

     – Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them well until a smooth dough is formed.
     – Grease the “llanda” (tin mould) with butter or place a baking paper to easily remove the mould once the cake has been baked.
     – Pour the dough into the mould to a little less than half its height and bake at 180-190º for about 30 minutes.
     – After that time, prick with a fork, without removing the coca from the oven and check that it comes out clean, so that the dough is cooked inside.
     – Remove the cake and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon on top, then put it back in the oven at a very low temperature. This generates a crispy crust on the cake.

Buying ecological Hispalco_bio oil and adding the zest of an orange Monna Lisa® guarantees a “coca en llanda” of the purest Valencian tradition. Easy, simple and economical. Try it!