1.- What does AOVE mean?

AOVE in Spanish is short for Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). It is the very best quality of olive oil, even better than just Virgin Olive Oil (AOV) and of course, better than refined, which is a lower quality.

2.- What is bio olive oil? Is it the same as organic olive oil?

Hispalco_bio Olive Oil has been certified by official agencies and it fulfills the official requirements to be able to use the name “Bio”. It is a technical and legal jargon, but in common language the term “bio” is often confused with the term “organic”. For consumers in general, bio and organic are synonims.

3.- What properties does an organic olive oil offer?

Hispalco_bio Olive Oil offers the best organoleptical (chemical) properties (chemical) among all Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Check our analyticals.

4.- Where does Hispalco_bio Olive Oil come from?

Our Hispalco_bio olive oil is original from olive tree fields grown organically in spanish fields. These fields are certified as Bio. The oil is extracted by means of cold mechanical means.

5.- How is Hispalco_bio Olive Oil to be used?

Olive Oil is a gourmet seasoning typical for mediterranean cuisine, although it has extended its use also to other culinarian uses, mainly for health-conscious consumers. It can be used as a sauce seasoning directly on salads, pasta dishes or toasts.
Since Bio_AOVE is the highest and best quality of oil, it is to be used raw seasoning directly on the preparations. It is suitable to be presented on the table, so that the table guest can use the bottle to serve the desired amount.

6.- Is your Hispalco_bio Olive Oil appropiate for frying?

All kinds of oils are able to be used for frying, since they convey the heat to food. However, Extra Virgin Olive Oils will lose their best features and their excellent flavour, if used for frying. We do not recommend using this delicate oil when frying, but rather using it raw in preparations which do not transform their properties with high temperatures.

7.- Is Hispalco_bio Olive Oil appropiate for raw and cold dressings?

Hispalco_bio is the best option to dress your cooking. Raw olive oil keeps all the healthy features and tasty flavour. It will transform a mediterranean salad, an excellent pasta dish or a plain baguette toast for breakfast, into a gourmet and healthy delicatessen.

8.- Is it healthy to eat with organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Every kind of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are healthy fats which prevent cholesterol. As a matter of fact, they have monounsaturated fats which opposite to polyunsaturated do not accumulate dangerous cholesterole (LDL). Olive Oil also offers polyphenols, antioxidants which prevent cancer, cardio diseases and others.

9.- What kind of fat is organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Oilve Oil feature monounsaturated fats, which are different to the polyunsaturated fats to be found in sunflower seed oil or palma oils, since they prevent accumulate dangerous cholesterol (LDL).

10.- How is Hispalco_bio Olive Oil to be kept in my kitchen?

Our Hispalco_bio Olive Oil is to be kept in a cool and dry spot, far from light sources. There is no need of refrigeration. The opaque and dark bottle is set to prevent light from endangering olive oil good properties.

11.- Does organic Hispalco_bio olive oil have a special flavour?

Olive Oil hispalco_bio has an intense and authentic flavour, since its origin are the best olives fresh harvested and pressed according to traditional methods. Olive oil is similar to wine, with complex aromas, evoking earth and nature. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fresh juice from olives, collected just in time, with no additives or dyes.

12.- What means coupage referring to Hispalco_Bio Olive Oil?

Coupage is a traditional oil technique of blending or combining different varieties of olives, balancing a complex and enriched flavour. Our Hispalco_bio – green bottle offers a coupage of arbequina, picual y rojal olives.

13.- Is Olive Oil to be set on the dining table, or rather to be used it in the kitchen?

As a matter of fact, Hispalco_bio olive oil is fit for the dining table, as a raw condiment and dressing directly on your dishes. The elegant design of the bottle is worthy of the best set dining table, among porcelain dinnerware, silver crockery and table linens. It will show good gourmet taste and mainly, an active concern for healthy food both as host.

14.- Bottles and packagings are recyclable and therefore organic?

15.- Bottles and packagings are recyclable and therefore organic?