by Carla Almela Matamoros

We only need this ingredients for 6 people:

500g of premium boiled pumpkin Monnalisa

3 flour tablespoons

3 medium size eggs or 2 big size eggs

80 g of sugar

2 teaspoons of yeasts



We first boil 500g of chopped premium Monnalisa pumpkin. This process can be accelerated if we previously insert the pumpkin in the microwave for 10 minutes at maximum power and then boil it for another 5 minutes.
While the pumpkin is boiling we have to mix the rest of ingredients. Firstly we beat the eggs separately and then add the 3 tablespoons of flours, the sugar and the yeast until we obtain a uniform mix.
When the pumpkin is finally cooked it is very important to drain it as much as possible and eliminate all the water we can. Once we have this step completed we will use an electric mixer until a lump free consistency is achieved to which to add the flour, sugar and yeast mix. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!

Place the pan on a medium power fire after brushing it occasionally with butter to avoid the pancakes from sticking. We should use a half full tablespoon to measure the quantity we use for each pancake. Once the mix is finished, place the pancakes on a plate and add the honey and nuts to the taste of the diners.

Spooky pancakes to enjoy with family and friends.