by Carla Almela Matamoros

The past 15th of February the “Follow me to be healthy with Europe” campaign by Freshfel and Aprifel was presented at the Politico’s EU Studies and Career Fair in Brussels. Freshfel is the European Association of Fresh Products, on the other hand Aprifel is the Investigation Agency of fruit and vegetables. Their concern is not exaggerated as the World Health Organization has estimated that by 2030 more than half of the European population will suffer from obesity.

The campaign is being developed all across Europe and it intends to increase the general awareness of the role of a healthy diet in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, and in consequence improve the eating habits of millennials. As a kickstarter during the fair young people where encouraged to consume at least 400g of fruits and vegetables a day through the #400gchallenge.

In Hispalco we are very concerned of the importance of having healthy life habits for this reason both the comercial and administration teams have started a new adventure. Its all about including healthy habits in our day to day basis and through the report of our experience encourage clients and followers to join our healthy challenge. You can follow out evolution in our social media, we will share information in Hispalco’s #healthycorner, sharing our activities and routines and the evolution of our body and mind on real time.

You will be surprised to see the influence of changing bad daily habits in your welfare.

Join our lead and share your tips and recommendations to have a healthy lifestyle.

The project consists in a healthy and fun competition amongst us, workers of Hispalco.

We must make our days:

GREEN: 400g of fruit and vegetables a day.

BLUE: Replace juices and alcohol with water in your meals

WHITE: Reduces or give up smoking

ACTIVE: Go to the gym, walk or run for 30 mins everyday. Don’t use the elevator, use the stairs!

ENERGY: Sleep 8 hours a day.

SUGAR FREE: Reduce sugar to ZERO in your diet

We will be counting our daily achievements, one point for each completed challenge. On weekends you can obtain 2 extra points by sharing sport activities and healthy meals with us. Every two weeks we will be designating an overall winner that will receive a prize that will be shown in our #healthycorner.

Will you join Hispalco’s Healthy Challenge 2020?