The tasting, liturgy of the gourmet oil


Tasting an extra virgin ecological oil is not an easy task and is an experience for our senses. Cooking enthusiasts know that the taste of a meal can vary greatly depending on the olive oil chosen.
The organoleptic characteristics of a good organic AOVE will depend on many factors: the climate and composition of the terrain in the olive-growing area, the olive variety, its degree of ripeness, etc. All these factors are identified when tasting, a ritual that only expterts of gourmet oil know.

Oil tasting is a sensory analysis necessary to be able to distinguish the qualities of one oil from another and thus be able to know, through the senses, their properties and attributes, discriminating the positive and negative characteristics of the oil. Only in the case of not finding any negative attribute in tasting we can speak of extra virgin olive oil.

Before carrying out the tasting, that is to say, tasting the organic oil, it is advisable to take into account several factors:

     – The oil should be at 28ºC to better appreciate its aromatic components. That is why it is frequent to heat the tasting container with your hands, in a natural way.
     – Between the evaluation of one oil and another it is necessary to let pass a minimum time of 15 minutes.
     – Between tastings it is recommended to chew a piece of apple and throw it in a spitter and then rinse it with a glass of water at room temperature.

Hispalco_bio organic oil requires a good palate to appreciate its complex but well-balanced nuances. The key to its premium quality lies in the harmony between its aroma of fresh grass and its intense and persistent flavour. We invite you to carry out your own tasting, in a simple way, taking any of your favourite oils and comparing them with our organic AOVE. Are you in the mood?

To carry out the tasting you have to use four of our five senses:

VIEW: colour does not determine the quality of the oil. Tasters use a dark blue glass so as not to be influenced by the colour of the glass.

SMELL: is one of the most important senses since it serves to identify the aroma of olive oils. The olfactory sensations can be positive, such as almond, apple, leaf, fresh grass, tomato, banana, fig tree, red fruits, aromatic herbs … But we can also experience negative sensations such as atrojado, mold, avinado, metallic, rancid …To capture all the olfactory gradations of a gourmet oil we must take the tasting glass between our hands for approximately 30 seconds, heating it with our palms and making small rotating turns to intensify the aromatic sensation. Once the 30 seconds have elapsed, bring the glass closer to the nose, inhaling it all at once in order to recognise the aromas it evokes in a single blow of intensity.

TASTE: the taste sensations of organic AOVE can be appreciated by tasting the oil and leaving it in the mouth for three or four seconds to warm it up. Our mouth has to be closed with the jaws together and the teeth glued together, while the tongue rises up touching the upper part of the palate. Then two or three aspirations should be made. In this way, the organic oil is mixed with saliva and air allowing us to perceive its nuances of texture, taste and aftertaste.

     1. Texture: aqueous, fluid, silky, rough…
     2. Taste: fresh, fruity, green, sweet, almond, bitter, spicy…
     3. Aftertaste: intense, long/short, flat/voluminous, fresh, fruity, sweet, almond, bitter, spicy…

TACT: in addition to taste, the palate’s veil and tongue make it possible to assess the consistency of extra virgin olive oil. When retaining it in the mouth we can appreciate its shades of density and fluidity being able to qualify it as aqueous, silky, rough…etc.

The global harmony of a good ecological oil is judged taking into account all these characteristics. For this reason, to buy gourmet oil it is advisable to be advised by experts and read the tasting specifications that are usually published. If among your chosen is Hispalco_bio, remember that in our website, ,, and in our social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn you will find all the necessary information about the product. When you buy a golden bottle of our organic olive oil Hispalco_bio monovarietal hojiblanca 500 ml, you can enjoy in good company a tasting experience like the one we have proposed here. Opening one of our bottles transports our senses to the purity of aromas and flavours of fresh olives, clean oil mill.