Differences between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil


What is virgin olive oil?

To create a virgin olive oil we have to follow four basic steps. The picking of the fruit, the transport and cleaning, elaboration using centrifugation and the final filtration.

Generally virgin olive oil is extracted by the means of a mechanic process named centrifugation. This process consists in the separation of the olive oil from its impurities after grinding and shaking the olive paste. This is a procedure that does not make use of refinement, being this an essential condition for the oil to be considered as virgin.

What is extra-virgin olive oil?

For an olive oil to be considered extra-virgin it requires to have certain features. In both cases the extraction of the juice is done using the same procedure but it is the level of quality that determines the differences between them. An extra-virgin olive oil has in the first place to meet a level of acidity that must not be higher than 0,8 degrees in any case. Secondly it must have an organoleptic composition. What we mean with this is the sensorial impression that the oil is able to create. These are all the special characteristics that can be perceived by the senses. The senses of smell, taste, touch and sight are the judges to impress to be able to adquiere the titile of extra-virgin olive oil.

How do we obtain EVOO hispalco bio?

EVOO hispalco bio proceeds from a meticulous selection of 100% hojiblanca bio olives. This olives are early harvested and cold pressed, the extraction of the juice is made by the means of centrifugation. The composition is maintained natural throughout the whole process of creation, this helps to keep the qualities intact in order to generate de organoleptic effect that is necessary for it to be considered an extra-virgin olive oil of premium quality.

What benefits does EVOO hispalco bio provide?

The gastronomic intake of extra-virgin olive oil produces multiple benefits to our organism. Thanks to its high content in oleic acid it can collaborates to cholesterol control, the healthy fats improve the circulatory system and reduce arterial pressure. The monounsaturated healthy fats of EVOO contribute to the protection of the brain and increase our memory. Finally its satiating power can become the best ally when dieting and its antioxidant components delay the aging of the skin and toughens the inmune system.