Ecological single-variety Hojiblanca Hispalco®_bio:

Do you dare to try it?


Do you know the Hojiblanca olive oil? Surly you have heard people talk about it. This variety of olive is one of the most widespread in Spain and one that produces the most quantity of oil since it is used to give aroma and intensity to the coupage. Many families and many catering establishments offer this oil on their tables. On the basis of trying it with frequency, the palate of the consumer learns to know it as the paradigm and the standard taste of olive.

What do the eaters of ecological single-variety Hojiblanca olive oil appreciate? A soft taste, practically so sweet that in ones mouth it is enjoyed as fruity and for some it has slight tingling at the end. It is the variety with more aromatic richness, that is to say that it possesses many nuances of taste and smell: fresh grass, hints of almond and berries. At sight, its color contains shades between gold and green, depending on the maturity of the olive. The earlier the recollection, the smaller the productive output, leading to an authentic “liquid nectar” of premium quality.

And do you know why this variety is called this way? Because of the color of the leaves of this tree, which on their underside are whitish in contrast to the green of the olive. If you travel through the Andalusian provinces in the first weeks of May, you could see the Hojiblanca trees in full bloom, and if you go during the months of October and November, the olives will already be ready for their early recollection.

The ecological single-variety Hojiblanca EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Hispalco®_bio is offered in our limited series of 3000 bottles of 500ml each.
Arising from the early harvest which guarantees maximum quality of taste and the organoleptic properties of this variety, its extraction is done in cold via mechanical processes.
Do you dare to try it? Enjoy its taste and its elegant presentation on your table.