Extra virgin olive oil Hispalco®_bio: Bread, oil and dreams


In 1953, the Italian director Luigi Comencini premiered “Bread, Love and Dreams” (Original: “Pane, Amore e Fantasia”), the romantic comedy of the neorealist Italian. A young Gina Lollobrigida and a mature Victtorio De Sica provoked the smile of post-war Europe with their lovable misunderstandings. In this film, which is taking place in the fictional small town of Sagliena in Lazio, occurs the following scene:

The marshal Antonio Carotenuto (Vittorio De Sica) roves the streets of the town when he encounters a peasant sitting on a stone bench ready to sink his teeth into a sandwich. Don Carotenuto, a lover of good food, asks the peasant what his delicacy is made of. Opening his sandwich he says: “of bread and dreams”. There was nothing between the two pieces of bread. However, as the film is in black and white, it does not allow to distinguish if, besides “dreams”, the bread also contains some organic olive oil. We wish to believe that his good neighbor flavored his bread with a good dash of olive oil.

In Hispalco_Bio we like to remember this scene because the “bread with dreams” keeps being a star plate in the Mediterranean cuisine, an exquisite breakfast or snack, when it is accompanied by a gourmet olive oil like ours. The organic extra virgin olive oil Hispalco_Bio can be combined with any type of bread, although, to maximize its aroma and taste, it is recommended to follow the following advice:

  • The bread should be fresh from this day and be cut at the moment
  • Large loafs of bread ferment the dough better and therefore boost the flavor of the organic oil better

Out of the many types of bread that exist in the world, we recommend three for their distinct qualities of their dough and their capacity to absorb the oil:

  • Rye bread (pan de centeno).
  • White bread (pan candeal).
  • Rustic bread (pan payés).

Once the ideal bread for our organic extra virgin olive oil Hispalco_Bio is found, what else may support our “dream”? We propose two very easy examples:

SAVORY DREAM WITH A TASTE OF MOUNTAIN: A sandwich of white bread with extra virgin olive oil, fine salt, chopped garlic, paprika from La Vera (pimentón) and a touch of rosemary.

SWEET DREAM FOR TWO: A sandwich of rye bread with organic gourmet extra virgin olive oil, mixed-flower honey and a touch of grated orange rind and dark chocolate.

The bread, the love and the dream taste better with the organic extra virgin olive oil Hispalco_Bio.