Extra virgin olive oil Hispalco®_bio, straight from the kitchen to the boudoir


We live in a time where what is natural has become avant-garde. A return to all that nature has to offer to our body and mind. Hispalco_Bio did not stay behind of this trend, which is a philosophy of life itself. Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy fat that brings many benefits to our body. Its culinary uses are multiple and well-known. We’ll discuss these further in articles to come as we will offer some tips on how get the most out of its aromatic and taste qualities.

Olive oil has furthermore been a great ally in the world of cosmetics for over 4.000 years, when it first started being used in Mesopotamia as a medicinal balm for the skin. The Greek and Romans, who considered the olive tree a sacred symbol of peace, fertility and prosperity, widely spread the use of olive oil as a beauty product for hair and skin. Today, science has proven that extra virgin olive oil contains healing, restorative and antiinflammatory characteristics.

The Hispalco_Bio Hojiblanca variety Premium Bio Olive Oil, due to its cultivation features of biodynamic farming, an early harvest and being obtained through mechanical means by cold extraction, succeeds in maintaining a high level of oleic acids as well as an amount between 600 and 700 ppm/kg of poliphenols or chemical compounds of plant origin with antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties.

Hispalco_Bio along with its reference beauty Salon, Estética Roysa, has prepared a simple trick to maintain the natural level of humidity of the skin, to favour the preservation of the cellular membrane and to delay skin aging, specially during the summer when we are most exposed to the sun.

We thank Estética Roysa for its collaboration and ideas.



* Pour one teaspoon of our Hispalco_Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a glass container which can be hermetically sealed together with a little bit more than ¼ of your facial or body cream.

* Mix until the olive oil is completely diluted in order to obtain a homogeneous paste.

* Apply nightly or as an after-sun.

* Store in a cool, dry place.


Further TIP:

* An opaque container will better preserve the properties the bio olive oil adds to the cream.


Purchasing Hispalco_Bio Bio Olive Oil is a quality guarantee that provides exclusiveness not only to your kitchen but also to your skin.