Hispalco is joining the UN Global Compact: New goals to accomplish.


By Carla Almela Matamoros

The United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary initiative of social business responsibility and sustainable development at a global level. It is an instrument of the UN created by Kofi Annan in 1999 with the purpose of transforming the global market, boosting a private sector that is compromised with a fair, transparent and responsible economic development. Starting this June, Hispalco has entered this lead that intends to pay attention to the social dimension of globalization. Así her Manager, Ana B. Beltran asures. “there is no progress economy without compromise, entrepreneurship ir technic advances, but all of this is not possible if we don’t take care of the social guarantees.

The main goals of the Global Compact are:

– Canalizing the efforts of the private sector towards sustainability targets.
– Being the practical frame to develop, implanting and promoting corporative responsibility practices and politics.

In this sense, the areas that it embraces are mainly four:

1. Human Rights
2. Working Policies
3. Environment
4. Anti corruption

Parting from this 4 areas, the Global Compact promotes 10 principles over which the members, including Hispalco, must develop and sustain their compromise.

In the frame of Human Rights, the support, respect and protection of the same, inside the influence scope of each organization, assuring its fulfillment and not its infringement.

In the area if working policies, the compromise with the freedom of affiliation and effective recognition of collective negotiation, the denouncement and elimination of all sorts of forced labor or done under coercion, the eradication of child labor and the working equality.

In the environmental field, the preventive principle of maintenance, development and sustainable care of the planet.

Lastly talking about Anticorruption the report of all kind of corruption inside de frame of the activity of its members, the transparence and working against the formulae of extortion and bribery.

The adhesion to the normative of fulfillment of the objectives of the UN Global Compact, means to Hispalco, a declaration of intensions, that is made with freedom and ethical responsibility that hold the values in which the organization believes and grows.

– Assuring by there means of the quality of their brands, the health and nutritional welfare of their consumer.
– Collaborating with producers and suppliers towards plans that contribute to worthy, decent and sustainable employment of agricultural communities.
– Increasing the use of affordable and non contaminating energies in their installations.
– Contribute to the economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring the infrastructures for the purpose.
– Developing actions against inequality and climate change.
– Generating alliances for the consecution of all the targets.

From the microcosmos Hispalco, the acquired commitment to fulfill this objectives is not easy nor simple. Nevertheless, we believe that this pact gives us the power to contribute to dialogue, sensitization, and the generation of knowledge to impulse the multiactor alliances, in and out of the food sector. This humanizes the business collective far from numbers and it gives us the chance to intervene in the social.

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