Stopping climate change


What is climate change?

When we talk about climate change we refer to the variations that happen in the global climate as a consequence of the actions of the human being, even though it can occur at a low level due to natural causes. We can find variation in the temperatures, the cloudiness, precipitations, humidity..etc.

Causes of climate change

The main cause of global climate change is the human action. The combustion of fossils, the massive chopping of trees, and the over exploitation of farming land translate into an excessive generation of gases that added to the naturally produced generate a green house effect.

What is global warming?

The green house effect is the accumulation of gases in the atmosphere due to human action, these are; carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. They act as a glass roof that avoids heat being released from Earth, producing a climate variation known as global warming.

Solutions to climate change

Environmental sustainability is one of the most effective ways of slowing down global warming and prevent climate change. It relies on three important pillars.

– First of all efficiency of natural resources: The rate of the use of resources cannot exceed the regeneration of the same.

– Contamination control: it is very important not to pollute at a pase that cannot be assumed by the planet, this means our planet is not able to eliminate naturally.

– Creating new lifestyle habits: Sustainability is only possible if we adequate our behavior and consumption habits in favor of the planet.

The use of alternative means of transport like bicycles, electric vehicles and hybrids decrease de emission of harmful gases. Recycling, reusing and recuperating are fundamental tu stop contamination and preserve forests and oceans.

Hispalco and environmental sustainability

As a commercializer of EVOO and fresh fruits and vegetables, Hispalco contributes to the climate change cause by collaborating with suppliers and producers that apply integrated production technics, hydroponic cropping and avoid post-harvesting treatment. To reach our commitment with sustainability Hispalco made a change regarding the materials used for packaging in all of their brands, Monna Lisa, Lady Godiva, Hippie Chic and Hispalco_bio. The design and production of boxing uses conglomerate DM wood from sustainable certificate forests and water-based inks. The use of plastic in baskets and buckets is reduced to the minimum required from the market trying to avoid overexploitation of farmland and produce the minimum contamination. Hispalco knows the future of environmental sustainability relies on ecological and biodynamic agricultural products like their Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hispalco_bio.